Cameron Moon

My Projects

Elucidata - A visual browser for datasets

Elucidata was team Make Hack Void’s entry to GovHack 2013, a competition to create the best new mashups, data visualisations, and apps with government data. Elucidata presents the data on in a visual format, facilitating easier discovery of relevant datasets.

Squire - The RPG combat assistant

Squire is an Android application that keeps track of the current value of all your characters combat stats, as well as what buffs, debuffs, and other modifiers are currently affecting them.

Deploying a Lightweight Jekyll Site using GitHub

Jekyll is a tool that generates a static website by combining layout files with markdown content. I want an easy workflow where I can make changes to the site, test it locally, then update the live site. Using GitHub as the link between my local copy and the live copy has a number of advantages over other Jekyll deployment options.